Thursday, February 7, 2008

jarnal - java tool to annotate pdfs

Jarnal - is tool that can be used annotate PDF documents. It is java based. It also has support for collaboration. One person can start it in server mode and another can connect.

One thing that it is useful is to highlight text in a PDF. You can also add small notes to the margin. If would have been good if there was an option to hyperlink some portion and add annotation as a tool tip.

It does allow you to do a lot more stuff, but pretty difficult to use with a mouse. Maybe it would be more useful with a tablet.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Taare Zameen Par - truly inspiring

A very well made movie. It makes an attempt to highlight the issues with the current education system in India. It breaks away from mainstream Hindi movies in many ways. It shows that you can make a commercially successful movie , one that appeals to the common movie going public, and at the same time convey a message.

I like movies that make me think, linger around in my thoughts long after I have watched them. This is one such movie.

Education is an area that India needs to do a lot if it has to realize the dream of becoming a developed country. We would need more than just doctors, engineers and MBAs to take us there. People need to be prepared to think & act on their own instead of following instructions, they need to have the confidence to think differently. Fortunately we have some people today who are leading the way, most of them have reached there inspite of the system not because of it. We will need a lot more. Is privatization a possible solution? Or will it change only when the demand changes, can we afford waiting that long? Is there anything that we can do pro actively?

One thing that is in my control is not force things on my kids, let them pursue their interests. Not make them bear the burden of our ambitions. 15-20 years from now the world will most probably be quite different. I am pretty sure that the traits that have made people successful today will not last that long.