Sunday, January 20, 2008

Indian software industry - tranisition from silk farms to butterfly parks?

While on a long drive today I noticed some strange things lining the streets. On closer inspection I realized these were the frames which are used to grow silk worms. This triggered another thought - the Indian software industry (especially the services part) has been treating its employees like silk worms. After a few years it manages to drain out all enthusiasm, creativity, innovation, initiative and many other good qualities.

Every now and then a few of them manage to break the shackles and emerge as beautiful butterflies. The last couple of years I am noticing that the numbers are increasing and the butterflies are becoming more & more beautiful. I am now confident that in a couple of years in the midst of these huge silk farms, there will be pockets of butterfly parks that shelter & encourage the breeding of beauty of a higher order.

Friday, January 18, 2008

kalloori - A movie about life in a small town college

I watched this movie based on a review in "The Hindu". It is an entertaining movie. Brings back memories of the good old college days. The movie is very well made, all the actors look genuine and fit into the context. The comedy scenes & the songs are a integral part of the movie rather than standing out as extra accessories.
The ending seems to be forced upon, it sort of comes up suddenly. Also the movie could have been made a lot more shorter & crisper. There are a lot of repetition of similar sequences and it appears to loose steam half way through.

SOA & Portals

A good description of soa (key advantages, what context it is useful in, how it is similar to / different from earlier ideas), how a portal fits into the equation. Even though it is a marketing manager speaking it devoid of hype.
An interview with IBM's Chris Lamb on WebSphere Portal SOA